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Ice Pack Premix

Hemat Listrik Freezer Dengan Friz Jel

Limited-Time Offer

Ice Pack Premix "Formula"

Dear All,

As the world grapples with the consequences of COVID-19, we at Friz Jel have had to make some difficult decisions to ensure our long-term success.


Due to the economic challenges posed by the pandemic, we decided to put our "Ice Pack Premix FORMULA" up for sale for the price of USD 100,000.

Years of hard work and research have gone into developing ice pack premix. However, given the current circumstances, we believe that this is the best course of action to ensure our businesses' long-term success.

This announcement may come as a surprise and we are available to address any questions. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and we appreciate your support.

Best regards,

The Friz Jel Team.

Friz Jel Premix is an easy way to make high-quality ice packs. Simply dissolve the premix in 12 liters of water and stir evenly. Later on, the resulting ice pack mixture can be packaged in plastic bottles. afterwards it can be frozen and used by placing them in a cooler box along with items that need to be kept cold or frozen, such as fish, shrimp, crab, meat, chicken, sausages, nuggets, ice cream, and many other frozen foods. Friz Jel is capable of reaching temperatures as low as -25°C and has a lifespan of three years.

Premix Friz Jel merupakan cara mudah membuat ice pack berkualitas tinggi. Larutkan premix dalam12 liter air lalu aduk hingga rata. kemudian adonan ice pack yang sudah diolah dapat dikemas ke dalam botol plastik, selanjutnya ice pack siap dibekukan dan dipakai sebagai pengawet makanan dengan cara dimasukkan kedalam styrofoam atau cooler box bersama dengan produk yang ingin dijaga tetap dingin atau beku seperti: ikan, udang, kepiting, daging, ayam, sosis, nugget, es krim dan lain-lain. Friz Jel mampu menghasilkan suhu hingga -25°C dan dapat dipakai ulang hingga lebih dari 3 tahun. 


Processing Ice Pack Premix

Pengolahan Premix Ice Pack

Play the following videos to see how ice packs are made of Friz Jel premix

Pelajari lebih lanjut cara mengolah ice pack dari premix Friz Jel melalui video berikut ini

Processing Ice Pack With Hand Drll 

Cara mengolah ice pack dengan bor

Processing Ice Pack With Blender

Cara mengolah ice pack dengan blender



Cara Pakai Ice Pack

Video cara membuat ice pack



Ice Pack for Emergency

The benefits of Ice Pack

Perishable Food Delivery

Friz Jel ice packs offer a cost-effective solution for the transportation of perishable foods by facilitating a sustained low temperature for up to 48 hours. In contrast to the utilization of refrigerated trucks, Friz Jel presents a practical and economically viable option to meet the business requirements of your clients."

Truk freezer paling murah

Refrigerated Truck

Friz Jel ice pack can be used for shipping perishable food for up to 48 hours while maintaining the required low temperature. Compared to refrigerated trucks, Friz Jel provides a cost-effective solution for your business




Frozen Food

Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Hawker

23 bottles of 500 ml Friz Jel ice packs inside a styrofoam container are capable to freeze 8 liters of ice cream for up to 8 hours during sales by hawkers.

23 botol ice packs Friz jel per 500 ml di dalam styrofoam mampu menjaga kebekuan 8 liter es krim selama 8 jam semasa penjualan oleh pedagang es krim keliling

48 Hour Fish Preservation

Pengawetan ikan selama 48 jam

  1. For 50 kg of fish apply 48 bottles of 500 ml Friz Jel 

  2. For 100 kg of fish apply 74 bottles of 500 ml Friz Jel

  3. Set ice packs on each side of cooler box

  4. In every 15 cm stack of fish, set some ice packs on top of the fish (as shown in the picture)

  5. Freeze ice packs optimally before being used

  6. Each ice pack bottle contains 500 ml

  1. Untuk 50 kg ikan gunakan 48 botol ice pack 

  2. Untuk 100 kg ikan gunakan 74 botol ice pack

  3. Letakkan ice pack pada setiap sisi cooler box

  4. Beri beberapa ice pack diatas ikan di setiap tumpukan ikan setinggi 15 cm (Lihat gambar)

  5. Bekukan ice pack maksimal sebelum digunakan

  6. Botol ice pack berisi 500 ml ice pack

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