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A Game-Changer for Cold Chain Logistics

Thank you for taking the time to review the benefits and innovative product concepts that Friz Jel has to offer, as outlined in my proposal. Since its introduction to the Indonesian market, Friz Jel has gained a loyal consumer base that continues to appreciate its advantages.


Premix Friz Jel was created with the goal of making ice packs more affordable for consumers. While many use Friz Jel for ice cream vendors, the product's benefits extend beyond this application. Unfortunately, limited promotional activities have hindered the dissemination of this message to a wider audience. 

Save Power Consumption

up to 45%

​High-quality ice packs made of Friz Jel Premix cost of only USD 0.35 per liter, providing a cost-effective solution for consumers' needs. Making it much more affordable. In consequence, consumers may apply ice packs for saving the freezer power consumption.

We have conducted experiments for this purpose by running the freezer for 12 hours and unplugging it for the next 12 hours in 24 hours cyle. This cycle implemented continuously for six days. On the seventh day, the ice packs need to be re-frozen in another freezer alone without any other goods in the freezer to let the ice packs reach their optimal coldness for the next six-day use. This innovative concept offers a remarkable reduction of up to 45% in monthly freezer power consumption.


In regions where power outages are a common occurrence, this method offers an effective means of preserving product safety, as a result of the capability of Friz Jel ice packs to retain appropriately low temperatures during power disruptions.

Alternative to Refrigerated Trucks

Loading Semitrucks

When it comes to conducting business, one of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs is the procurement of business inventory during unfavorable circumstances, especially when the need is pressing.

For refrigerated trucks necessity, Friz Jel can provide an alternative in such situations. For the matter that the shipment of goods only requires a two-day journey, even refrigerated trucks may not be necessary.

Rapid Wine Chiller

The innovative rapid wine chiller invention on the Shark Tank show - America reached popularity on the internet. As a matter of fact it can easily be made using Friz Jel Premix. We are confident that Friz Jel can match the cooling speed of the demonstrated tool.

These three concepts above illustrate the potential for Friz Jel Premix to be further developed to a greater extent. It is my sincere wish that this information offers you potential new business opportunities while providing support for the growth of your current business.

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